Forwood Appreciation Week: Day 2 → Favorite Season

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Tyler, Jeremy, Matt, Elijah and Bonnie would be amazing

Hiya! We're a celebrity roleplay who has dedicated and active admins and members and are looking for more members to join our family. We have plenty of open face claims and welcome underused face claims with open arms. Could we please have a shoutout so we can have more amazing people join our group? Thank you in advance!

Check them out.


            Welcome to your life, there's no turning back.

Welcome to the Victor Institute of District 2. Built by previous victors of the Games themselves, it serves to prepare children for their chance to compete in the Games. Through vigorous training, the greatest are born, to not only claim the honor of volunteering for the District, but to come home glorious. 

                Everybody wants to the rule the world.

The Victor Institute is a new roleplay that takes place in a career training academy in the Hunger Games world. We have many premade bios, but also accept original characters. Come down and enroll today, so that you yourself can claim the glory of becoming a Victor.


may i have a shoutout? I'm an indie rp blog & i'm planning to add more muses (with some help of suggestions, too.). my tags aren't working quite yet so it'd mean a lot!



Hey love! Beyond The Darkness is a AU TVD/TO/TW RPG starting from the end of the seasons. People always talk about the war. But what happens after? What happens to the people left behind? The Other Side has been destroyed and all the supernatural are back. But with The Nemeton calling and keeping the supernatural in Mystic Falls. What will happen next? Will you be able to move beyond the darkness? We have heaps of canon and OC characters up for grabs, can we please have a shout out?<3



what're some good bio formats for a skeleton rp with labels?

It depends how long you want the bio, like if it’s just a couple of pointers about a backstory. Or if it’s just a personality and some tweets along with the labels. It all depends on how you’re planning it. If you give me a bit more of an idea, I can help you.


Could you please do a gif hunt/make gifs of Natalie Dreyfuss from her role in The Originals?

I don’t make gifs, but I’ll make a gif hunt for you. It will be up by the weekend.


As requested by anonymous here are 3 png’s of Kendall Jenner. Please do not claim as your own, but feel free to use. I don’t expect any credit, all I ask is that you don’t claim to have made them. Please like or reblog if you use, or are an rph.


if you could use recent pics would be great, but tbh any is fine because theres like none with quality out there and i really need some

Of course, I’ll get started right away on those.